Card Issuing

Build physical and virtual card programs that scale

An API to issue debit cards without needing a bank or a third-party processor. Issue cards to customers, employees, stakeholders or just about anyone. From anywhere in Africa.

Card Programs Tailored To Your Needs

Process $1 or $1M with the same easy-to-use APIs. Our compliance-first card programs are designed to help you get started quickly and support you as you scale.


Use cases for FinPadi Issuing

Expense management

Offer an expense management card with credit options to expand your core services and become a one-stop shop for your users.

Fleet management

Help businesses with fuel and on-the-road expenses with access to detailed transaction data for reporting.

On-demand marketplaces

Spin up on-demand courier cards so delivery drivers can buy groceries or goods to fulfill your customers’ orders.

Online travel agencies

Complete orders with travel partners via virtual cards whenever a customer books on your platform.

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